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Peter the Bachelor - Week 1


I didn’t really have plans to watch Peter’s season because I figured he’d be such a dud like the Bachelors that came before him. Hello Nick, Arie, and Colton. On Hannah’s season he was likeable but just seemed confused on finding love like most of the recent fellas. I assumed he’d follow in line being lost and using generic words as he watched his Instagram followers grow.

After one episode I may have been wrong. Peter was really good. It was refreshing. He was actually connecting with girls and seemed to be genuine about what all was going on. He was trying to peel back the layers of each girl rather than stare at them using generic words hoping they could kiss because they’re hot. Generic words and kissing seemed like the only thing the recent Bachelors knew how to do.

One episode is a short sample but he showed some real promise. The way he appreciated Alayah’s letter from Grandma along with Hannah Ann’s painting the first night, took Kelley back to the spot they met, got flowers for Victoria P. along with checking on her after the gyro machine, and had a real conversation with Madison at dinner of their 1x1. He was showing legit effort and not just going through the motions hoping he could score some action.

The dude who told Hannah how much he cared for her too late is now proactively sharing deeper thoughts and feelings. Who is this Peter?

I don’t know if he got some serious pre-taping coaching, is getting live coaching, or it’s just Peter finally waking up he’s in control. Whatever it is I have hope Peter can be a real Bachelor that isn’t there to say generic words to grow his social media following or find some hot babe to get engaged to with minimal effort.

The Girls:

Strong Connections:

The introductions were the same as always. Attractive women dolled up awkwardly trying to make a natural introduction. They then go inside and have some drinks waiting for their time with the Bachelor. For some they get a lot, for some they get a little, and for some they get none. Those that know what’s going on make things happen. Those that are confused on this process sit back and bitch. Basically how everything in life works.

In one episode Peter makes what appears to be three really strong connections. Obviously the other girls are upset that Hannah Ann kept stealing time with Peter but Peter wasn’t complaining. He seems to have a real interest and there looks to be some real chemistry.

Kelley has a slight unfair advantage because she’s already met Peter and spent time together. Maybe that meeting was pure luck but I bet there was a little behind the scenes magic by the Producers to make it happen. They’re sneaky like that. Kelley gets the extended time after the group date because she “cheated” during the challenge. Her “cheating” upset the other girls but they need to get over it. There are no defined rules on this show. You do what you need to do to get time with the Bachelor.

I think Kelley winds up getting her heart broken due to her insecurities. She’s got everything in front of her but something tells me her insecurities get the best of her at some point. She seems like the girl that will just up and leave on her own without putting up a fight. It’s a damn competition, girl. She’s got the lead a little too early and won’t know how to handle it.

Peter’s 1x1 on with Madison was fascinating. He takes this random girl from a reality TV show to watch his parents renew their vows. It’s at their house AND he officiates the ceremony. It’s insane. She’s sitting awkwardly with some family members while the guy she just met is having his parents renew their wedding vows. The Producers are simply awesome at making things like this happen. I don’t think stuff like this happens in real life but maybe it does.

At dinner, Peter and Madison have a real in-depth conversation. They act like they actually want to get to know each other rather than say generic things. It’s refreshing as hell. Of course, after dinner they hit a private concert with Tenille Townes who keeps showing up as a performer at these private concerts. After a dance Peter lets Madison know that private concert is now the reception for his parents’ vow renewals. It appears a good time was had by all. Credit to the Webers for making the best of an awkward situation. If your son is going to go on some crazy show then embrace the crazy and enjoy the ride.

One last thing on Madison – surely she knows Raven and Tia. I mean this girl is from the same damn mold. She’s a couple states over from Arkansas in Alabama but she’s the same damn girl. The Producers have their formula for sure.

House Full of Crazy:

For the most part the Producers kept crazy on the down low in this episode. It was just the usual snippets of insecurities and girls being upset someone got more time that we always see. I really feel like there’s a bunch of drama about to unleash from a ton of girls we haven’t quite seen yet. There’s a few girls on the verge of breaking down and nothing really dramatic has happened yet.

How do they keep finding these girls?

For the rose ceremony I feel like Peter told the Producers there’s about 6 or so girls he’s really interested in. The Producers said, “Say no more, Peter. We’ll pick the rest.” I could be wrong but I feel like the Producers are letting some crazy simmer in the house while the front runners get some distance with Peter.

The Producers are Evil:


We all knew Hannah was coming back at some point. It’s just the way things work. You knew she was going to make a showing at the house the night of introductions. Sure enough she does. In a symbolic gesture she gives Peter back the wings he gave her when they first met. It’s supposed to be some kind of closure but you can see there’s some serious unresolved issues between them. Meanwhile, all the girls in the house are going crazier than they already are because Hannah is there.

Hannah says goodbye and Peter tells all the girls everything is in the past with Hannah. We’re all good. Um, that’s not totally true.

For the second group date Peter and the ladies head to a theatre where Peter says he doesn’t know what’s about to happen. They head inside and see Hannah who continues the reminder they had sex in a windmill. The whole sex in a windmill is starting to get old but it’s clearly going to be milked until there’s no milk to be had. I guess it’s slightly better than the Peter is a pilot plot line.

As Hannah tells the story she looks like she’s totally moved on. It’s fascinating to watch this perfectly poised Hannah tell a very personal story with no emotion. Just 12 months ago she looked like a total train wreck on an awkward 1x1 with Colton. She also spent the better part of the season cat fighting with Caelynn looking like she could snap at any moment. This doesn’t look like the same girl at all.

I was feeling proud for Hannah until one of the producers ask her how she’s doing. You then realize she hasn’t totally moved on from Peter. While Hannah has her emotional moment alone the Producers then send in Peter to maximize the moment for all of us.

Peter and Hannah knew what they were getting into with all of this. I don’t totally feel sorry for them but you can tell a lot of the emotion is real. Hannah’s mascara wasn’t running from fake tears. Their lack of words weren’t fake silence. This wasn’t Arie and Becca or even Hannah and Jed breaking it off where they both knew what was coming and they were mostly putting on an act for the cameras. This was two people that never got closure with each other not knowing what to do.

We watch a girl who knows she made a major mistake in keeping Jed over Tyler and Peter. We watch a guy who remembers the FOUR times they had windmill sex. Two people that deeply cared for each other in a relationship that ended abruptly for no good reason other than a stupid reality show we all enjoy watching. Yes. We’re slightly complicit in this. Slightly.

At times it looked like this might be the shortest season of the Bachelor as you wait for Peter and Hannah to profess their love for one another and flip the Producers the bird. I’d be all for that.

We then see Peter is in this thing for the long haul when he asks Hannah if she wants to come back to the house. DO WHAT??? He wants Hannah to be one of the girls that competes for his love?

That had to have been seeded by the Producers. Surely Peter didn’t come up with it on his own. That must be a blow to Hannah’s ego but she kind of deserves it. She did diss Peter for Tyler and Jed. She’s the sole reason Peter is on the Bachelor.

That’s about where it gets left as we must wait until the next episode to see how this plays out.

After watching the episode I realized how evil the Producers are and how they set all of this up.

Think about this – There’s only one Hannah in the house but she goes by Hannah Ann. In her intro and in her bio she goes by Hannah Ann. Never just Hannah. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

The Producers had intentions of trying to wedge Hannah Brown into this whole season from the start. It appears Hannah Brown is going to let them. It’s evil but it’s genius. She’s also a sucker for it all.

There’s a preview scene where Peter’s mom tells him to go after someone. Was that Hannah Brown? There appears to be some twist as Peter gets close to proposing. Is that Hannah Brown?

I don’t think Hannah spends the entire season re-competing for Peter’s love but there’s little doubt in my mind she ebbs and flows in and out of this season in some way, shape, or form. The first and second episodes won’t be Hannah’s only appearance I don’t think. Then again, I could hop on Instagram right now and find out but I can’t remember my login.

Chris Harrison told us in the preview this could THE MOST DRAMATIC SEASON OF THE BACHELOR yet. They’ve got me hooked for at least one more episode. We’ll just have to tune in and find out…

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