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Where Did This Come From?

About 2 years ago Chewy started noticing there was a little repeated actions by single girls in their 30s.  Mainly girls that had never been married but he realized dating in one's 30s was completely different than in one's 20s.  He jokingly told some friends these girls were in a Vortex they didn't realized they were in.  Friends stated there was some merit so after another year and a half of observation Chewy sat down and wrote the original theory in about 90 minutes.  He sent it to some friends and they laughed and said it was pretty spot on.  Realizing most people would never read all three pages of the theory he decided to make a video.  He started making some rough videos with his phone in his dog's room and after some feedback he made a final version and here we are.

Along the way he also wrote stories from his dating life that could be the basis for a book or movie.  So if you're an editor/writer or director/producer that thinks this could be turned into a book or movie/show feel free to reach out.  The bones are already written and just need some tweaking.


Chewy is 42 and was divorced on his 36th birthday.  He's spent the last 6 years realizing that dating in your 30s is completely different than dating in your 20s.  The 30s dating pool of guys sucks but there are mistakes girls make too.  Girls in their 30s don't act anything like girls in their 20s.  They tend to say one thing but act completely different.


This theory and video was truly made to poke fun of the current state of dating.  While not definitive there is a lot of truth to the theory.  Those most offended by it are most likely guilty of it.  Sorry, but that's true.  The hope is that people get a good laugh, realize it's more reality than it's not, and if things truly aren't going their way then think about making some changes.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  Hence why people just ride the Vortex to nowhere.

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