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A Guy's Perspective on Good Guys

From my perspective there's 3 kinds of good guys in this world. Sure, there's some variation and like everything associated with the Vortex theory it's not always definitive but it's likely more right than wrong. From my perspective there's 3 kinds of good guys:

1) No Interest in Getting Married - These guys live inside the Vortex and fool females ALL the time. Females in their 30s LOVE these guys because females always want to be the first in the relationship for a guy. These guys are good normal guys that look like the marrying kind on the surface but they just have no interest in getting married. They date from time to time and like the company of a female from time to time but they value their independence above everything else. They'd rather go play with their toys or hang out with the boys more than spend time with a particular female. These guys are probably the smartest of all because being a good guy and single is a pretty good gig because they likely have lots of friends and always have fun. However, this minimizes their interest in getting tied down.

These guys may show a slight interest in getting married but the reality is they really aren't. Sure, if some super hot girl with a great career making money is interested in taking care of them they may settle down with them. However, the number of those kinds of girls is EXTREMELY low. If you're reading this I doubt you fit that category. Sorry. Just being honest here. So these guys pretend they're looking for the perfect female but the reality is they're not interested in getting married. I really doubt they want a family either. Their ideal scenario of a super hot female that will take care of them just ain't happening so they're not ever getting married.

Girls fool themselves time and time again thinking they can change their mind but they can't. These guys love getting the milk for free and have no interested in paying for the milk or the cow. Once someone wants to charge them for the milk or cow they're going to move on. Sure, there's instances where the girl can convince the guy to buy the cow but she's got to be one heck of a salesperson. If you don't have that sales ability it won't be you.

I feel a lot of guys that are the marrying kind will do so by 35. Not all, but most. Any good guy that's over 35 and not married is likely too stuck in his independent ways. Good guys can usually find a girl to get married and if they didn't find one by 35 it's not because they couldn't find one but more likely they're just not interested in getting married.

While not definitive the above will bear out.

2) The Marrying Kind but Indifferent to Kids - This is the kind of guy that wants to share his life with one person but he's indifferent to having a family. He could go either way depending on his partner. If she's interested in having kids then he likely will be too but he's not going to push for kids. He's likely adventurous and has some cool hobbies so that's how he spends his free time. He and his partner will likely travel a lot or do other fun stuff together. They enjoy nights out to great dinners or social events. Being active is their children. Not saying he won't have children but he's got his own life and doesn't need children for entertainment or a legacy.

This guy will likely date a lot because being a good guy girls like him. He may be a little hard to pin down but he's realistic in his view of what he can attract so when the right girl comes along he won't really have much hesitation. In the meantime though he's going to enjoy his own life until the right girl comes along.

3) Wants a Family - I believe there are guys out there that want a family from early on in their life. These are the guys that get married fairly early in their life. Talking late 20s at their latest. They generally have always had a steady girlfriend for most of their life. They're into routine and not totally independent. They're wired to provide for a family so they do that early on in their life. Most never married guys that make it into their 30s don't fit this description. I'd say the percentage of these guys that make it into their 30s unmarried is no more than 25%. These guys seek out a good stable woman in their 20s and settled down with her and start a family.

Now, a lot of these guys wind up getting divorced in their 30s because marriage and a family are hard things to manage. It's not for the faint of heart despite what you may think. Some of these guys may actually be hidden DBags and wind up cheating on their spouse or get bored of the same woman and want to be free to seek something different. People get divorced for a HOST of reasons and it's never the same for everyone.

Just be aware if you're single in your 30s still looking for a family the better odds in having one are going to be with a guy who's been married and likely has kids. You think it's baggage but it's really life. Just make sure he's honest and aware of the reason he got divorced. The guy who's never been married likely isn't really interested in having a family or he'd already have one. Family guys are just wired differently than other guys in my mind. They seek out a spouse much earlier than everyone else.

So there you have it on Good Guys you can date in your 30s. Once again like all Vortex theories this is not definitive but you'll find it to be a pretty good guide as you're managing the Vortex for what it is that you want out of a partner.

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