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The Bachelor Episode 4 Recap

This episode of The Bachelor started out really boring for the first 25 minutes. It’s basically the girls getting excited about going to Tahoe and Arie exposing he’s not the world traveler I thought he might be. I mean the dude is 36, has lived in the Western part of the U.S., and traveled as a race car driver. I would have wagered for sure a dude like him had spent some time in Tahoe.

Sadly the only drama we have in the first 25 minutes is watching Maquel learn her grandfather passed away. Did we really need to hear the conversation between her and her mother especially since it was unexpected? Seemed a bit much to include that moment. They could have just shown her being emotional and packing her bags. Pretty much sucks to lose a grandparent and a week in Tahoe. Talk about a double whammy.

After Seinne and Arie get done parasailing (which looked stunning) we see them sitting on the shore. We finally learn a little about Seinne and this girl is solid. She’s beautiful, has a brain, and appears to be grounded. She’s probably better off not being on this show but she’s here. We hear her concern about the fairy tale normally doesn’t happen to women of her color. While there’s no doubt that’s true she needs to stop that thinking right now. She’s beautiful and smart. She has EVERY opportunity to break that cycle if she wants. The girl has it going on and needs to quit worrying about what history has shown for girls like her. She can blaze her own path because she has it in her. Sure, it might not be as easy as for a white girl but if we’re comparing her and Krystal there’s NO doubt Seinne has a much better future with a good man if she wants it. Clear those negative thoughts girl and go set the example.

Speaking of Krystal she really starts to shine on the group hiking date. By shine I mean come off as a complete idiot. I got lost in what the others were doing because my brain couldn’t process the issues coming out of Krystal’s mouth. People are willing to drink their own urine and eat worms and she thinks it’s acting desperate. Try being adventurous, Krystal. Great trick by Arie to make it look like he was drinking his pee. I was fooled. He had women ready to drink their own urine and eat worms. This man has them lined up! He needs to take note of those girls who were willing to do it because if they’ll put worms in their mouth they’ll put other things in their mouth. IYKWIM.

Thank goodness Krystal was on Arie’s team or she might have just curled up into a ball until a bear killed her. Seriously. She would have pouted like a 5 year old getting their toy taken away if she wasn’t on Arie’s team. No surprise Arie’s team is first to the hideaway so he and the girls get in the hot tub. Like a moron he puts his arm around Krystal with the other girls in the hot tub. Tia and Caroline respond mocking them and Krystal gets upset. She’s the one with Arie’s arm around her and she’s worried about what Tia and Caroline are doing? Hello, major insecurity! The rest of the girls show up and a hot tub party breaks out. Arie is living every man’s dream in that moment.

At the evening event it’s really the Krystal show other than Arie positioning Lauren B as a frontrunner. Arie also told us Kendall is unlike any girl he’s ever met. No shit, Arie. The girl does taxidermy. Throughout the night Krystal breaks out her insecurity flag and starts waving it around. She says, “People feel threatened by her” which really means she feels threatened by every girl there. No girl is really threatened by Krystal and just annoyed. Krystal also tells us “Girls don’t operate at my level” and “I felt challenged on the group date.” What level is she talking about and doesn’t she know this is all a challenge? Just more insecurity coming out of her mouth. At one point she’s talking to Arie and the producers REALLY needed to add subtitles because you couldn’t understand ANYTHING coming out of her incoherent mumbling. Arie doesn’t even want to make out with her so that should be the sign she’s in trouble. Arie pretending to listen to a hot girl rather than lock lips is a bad sign for her.

Arie shows there is justice in this world and gives Tia the rose for the group date. Loved the exchange between Tia and Krystal where Tia stood her ground. I think Tia is more than friends with Raven and they’re sisters. Close your eyes and you hear Raven. Krystal was oblivious to what Tia was talking about. I know Krystal had a tough upbringing but she needs to realize life isn’t about having a hot body on the sunny beaches of San Diego. She needs to branch out a little and find some reality. She’ll be better off. I can’t wait for the “Women Tell All” to see if she’s learned anything from this adventure or she’s still oblivious to her distorted view of life. Prince Charming ain’t coming for her and she’s headed straight to the Vortex if she doesn’t change.

The final 1x1 is Arie and his daughter, er, I mean contestant Bekah M. They ride horses to a little secluded cabin and get in a hot tub since Bekah missed out on that earlier. They toast some champagne and immediately start sucking face. Seriously. It was like the toast, maybe five words, and then tonsil hockey.

That night at dinner Arie gets down to business. Aries asks Bekah if she’s ready to get married and the elephant in the room stomps their feet. Arie finds out she’s 22. The gears in Arie’s head start spinning faster than any gear in anything he’s raced. He knows all the crazy shit he did over the last 14 years. At the same time he also knows he’s got a decade of high fives coming from every dude he’s ever met if he can bag this 22 year old cutie. They appear to have legitimate chemistry but they’re so isolated right now there’s no way to find out. After thinking about it, Arie realizes Bekah will be feast or famine so he gives her the rose. He wants to buy some time to see if he can figure out this major dilemma. It’s worth sacrificing someone else at this point.

Arie decides there’s no pre-party to the rose ceremony because his mind is made up. It’s pointless to waste idle conversation and get on with eliminating girls. Every girl respects this but Krystal. No surprise. In her cray cray head she thinks she needs time with Arie. All the other girls are completely put off by it but realize it’s all part of this foolish game they signed up for. Krystal and Arie talk about nothing which is what Krystal excels in. The Rose Ceremony happens and Arie holds the roses before announcing a name like a solider presenting a flag to the family of a fallen solider at their funeral. Seriously. He’s stiff as a board holding the rose with two hands and elbows out before he calls the name.

The producers make Arie wait to give the final rose to Krystal. It’s perfect drama but along the way gives one to Jaqueline who I COMPLETELY forgot was still around. I don’t think she even showed her at all this episode. Brittany and Caroline get the boot which sucks because both of those girls are INFINITELY better than Krystal. Brittany’s goodbye is especially tough because she’s an awesome girl and she deserves to hang around above Krystal. But that’s not how The Bachelor works so they must go home while Krystal gets to hang around another week because it makes for better television. Girls just don’t operate at Krystal’s level and the producers need her drama.

If anyone is wondering I’m pro-glam too! The nuggets during the credits are always the best.

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