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Mentally Dating a Celebrity

With the abundance of social media out there today mentally dating a celebrity has never been easier. Celebrities have a strong social media presence and for good reason. They make money off being famous. No matter if they’re famous for their looks or talent the more people they have interested in them the more money they can make from an entertainment or marketing standpoint. Often times these celebrities have marketing teams that are driving their presence on social media. It doesn’t mean they’re not good genuine people but just know what they post is likely part of a social media plan someone has created for them. They’re posting so many moves of their lives like every day is a movie or fantasy.

Before going any further know there’s a difference between having a crush on a celebrity and mentally dating a celebrity. Having a crush is perfectly acceptable because you find some attraction to their personality or looks. It’s no different than having a crush in real life. Having a crush is innocent because you’re not following that person’s every move and you know there’s no potential reality to your relationship with them.

Mentally dating a celebrity is where you’re obsessed with someone of the opposite sex. You wait for their next post on social media like it’s a drug. You can’t get enough. You’re basically tracking every move of their life and mentally picturing yourself with them during those moments. You even get jealous if you see them with their significant other or even just anyone that’s the same sex as you. That’s because you want to be that person you see in their photos or video. You want to be that person next to them in their life. It’s okay to follow a celebrity but when you’re making a mental spreadsheet of what they do, where they go, the color of the furniture in their house, what they wear, or any other obsessive details it’s not a good thing.

The problem in all of that is it’s not realistic. If you’re following someone like that know you’ll never be that person in their life. They’re on a different level than you. If you were up to their level you’d be hanging out with their kind on a regular basis and not following them on social media. While you’re doing that you’re wasting time and setting yourself up for failure in real life. You’ve become consumed with someone you’ll never be with and set a standard that no realistic potential mate can ever measure up to with you. It’s taking time and skewing your vision of your reality if you’re truly looking for a long term mate.

People on that level date and marry people on that level. The only time this doesn’t happen is when they marry their high school sweetheart or someone they knew before they got famous. Celebrities don’t get on dating apps and websites where normal people are. They’re not grabbing coffee somewhere and see someone asking for their number. They run in different circles. Celebrity guys date celebrity women and vice versa. Justin Timberlake married Jessica Biel. Ashton Kutcher married Demi Moore and Mila Kunis. Tom Brady married Gisele Bundchen. Derek Jeter who was a notorious playboy married a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model who is 16 years younger than him. George Clooney, another notorious playboy, married a big time lawyer in the United Kingdom who is 17 years younger than him and has the looks of a model. Eddie Murphy who while not ugly has never been confused for a handsome leading man is dating an Australian model who is 18 years younger than him and mother of his 9th child. That’s their picture you see at the top of this blog. You go Eddie.

The point in all of this is don’t waste time and energy living a fantasy in your brain. That will just distort the reality of your life if you truly want a long term mate. While you’re dreaming about someone you can never attain you could be missing out on a truly awesome person for you. Crush on a celebrity all you want but when you cross that line to mentally dating a celebrity you’re potentially setting yourself up for never finding a long term mate in your reality. That won’t get you out of the Vortex!

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